In memory In Memory

We have to acknowledge that we have lost three friends that were near to us and who brought unequaled joy while they were with us. They will always be missed but will constantly remind us of how finite life is and how we must enjoy all the moments and those around us whether they be human or otherwise.

April 26, 2002 Alee, Vicky’s Arabian horse fought the battle with colic all the way to the large animal center at the University of Florida where he succumbed and finally passed away. He was our spooky horse but was forever faithful to his trainer and rider, Vicky. On trail rides it was never surprising to find the two of them galloping down the trails, with both his and her mane flying in the wind. He was the herd mediator and helped direct the other horses when necessary.

On August 19, 2002 Gizmo our Himalayan feline companion died. At 18 years he had always provided companionship and was the “ inside the home furry friend”. He never liked loud noise or small children but for some unexplained reason he and Casey bonded and became good buddies.

Finally the horse who fought laminitis for 14 months, who taught Ric to ride and to understand the joy of having an equine friend, died on the operating table in Gainesville on March 30, 2003. He was the leader of the herd and it seems as if the others are still missing him. He could fly down the trails with the best and still manage to keep his rider upright. Ric learned to trust the big furry beast and understand his signals and rarely found himself doing anything other than enjoying the ride on the “cadillac” of horses.